How to repair bad credit and why you need to know.

How to repair bad credit.

How to repair bad credit with a sea on inconsistent information plaguing the internet.  With the economy suffering there are many of you that have damaged your credit due to job loss, foreclosure, bankruptcy etc. Our country is experiencing hard times and even though we are seeing a slight rise (very slight); the domino effect continues to affect your financial wellbeing one way or another. As a result, your credit suffers… How can you repair your bad credit?

It is important for each consumer to realize repairing bad credit takes time and there is no “instant fix”, yet taking the steps to repair your credit and becoming informed is half the battle.

Why Repair Your Bad Credit?

You might know how to repair bad credit, but equally important is “why” you should repair bad credit.   Unfortunately,  approval for homes, cars and even car insurance rates are based on our credit scores. Yup, it is a mad game. Improving your bad credit will save you tons of dollars in lower interest rates and give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Start the Road to Improving Your Credit.

Begin by checking your credit report and verify all the information that is being reported is correct. You can access the following websites to pull your credit report:

To determine how to repair bad credit, you must first be able to identify the issues on your report.  If you see negative items, such as collections, past due accounts, judgments or bankruptcy, etc., on your credit report consider taking the following steps to repair your credit:

  • Dispute collection accounts – Paying a collection account can reduce your score, if you cannot delete a collection account you may have to consider debt settlement, but this is a last resort.
  • Dispute chargeoffs and liens – Chargeoffs and liens that are current to 2 years old impact your credit score the most.
  • Dispute late payments.
  • Verify your credit limits are being reported on your credit report. For example, if you have a credit card that has a 5,000 limit make sure the limit is stated on your credit report. If the credit limit is not being reported and you have a balance on this card it will reflect the balance as maxed out.
  • Do not close your credit cards, it will hurt your credit and reduce your credit available. This affects your debt to available credit ratio.
  • Become an authorized user by asking someone who is a primary account holder to add you to their account as a joint account holder or an authorized user.


Consult With the Experts

Repairing your credit can be timely and tedious; we recommend working with credit experts, especially when it comes to deleting and removing negative credit. Visit us for more information at we look forward to giving you a free analysis and explaining how our services can help you repair your bad credit.


how to repair bad credit


  1. Definitely send out the dispute lertets on the collections. If nothing else, it buys you a couple weeks time. Do not tell the credit bureaus about them if they don’t reply though. Definitely try to negotiate the balances on those collections. Never send a payment until you have a written payoff amount from them first. NEVER. Before you try to negotiate, be sure you can pay them by Western Union or something within 24-48 hours, so have money ready. Start offering 10 cents on the dollar, they’ll probably talk you to 50 (half of balance). Just don’t pay til you have a fax or something confirming it, otherwise 2 years later someone will come after the rest.Once you’ve paid all of them, dispute the accounts with the credit bureaus. Any inaccuracy of any kind is ok to dispute. Most collectors won’t respond to disputes on paid accounts. This way, the bureaus are required to remove them from your report. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying. It takes 45-60 days for each cycle, but it’s worth it.Child support would only show up on your report if you have a delinquent balance. The only way to clear this is to speak with the county you are paying. If you are set up on a plan to get caught up, and have been performing as promised for 6-12 months, you might be able to get them to stop reporting the delinquent balance, since you are effectively now paying as agreed .Dispute the late payments on the mortgage. Make your lender prove it somehow. Some lenders delete specific data on payments after some period of time. Demand to know the precise date each payment was actually posted. Demand to know the precise time the check was received by them. If those dates don’t match, dispute the late report. Demand anything else you can think of. See what happens. Try, try again.

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