How do you repair bad credit when considering the obstacles in the way?

How do you repair bad credit?

How do you repair bad credit? Well, this question is answered on many consumer information sites. However, most of the time, each person answering this question has their own agenda and almost never do that person or organizations attempt to answer this question as it relates to you, individually.  That’s our goal in this blog, so “how do you repair bad credit”.

Take steps to avoid the question “How do you repair bad credit”.

I know this may sound ridiculous, especially for someone trying to remove bad credit, but let’s change the mind set, for a moment, from re-active to pro-active.  Once a person get’s into the bad credit world, it can be a downward spiral.  Your efforts in removing bad credit over here, may take your attention away from another obligation over there.  So, while it’s common sense and a bit obvious, our first recommendation is to avoid situations that cause bad credit.  In other words, keep your current obligations in positive standing while you attack the negative credit information in your files.

how do you repair bad credit

How do you repair bad credit?

Got it, but I still need to remove bad credit… how do I do it?

Unfortunately, due to bad laws, collusion among private companies and government regulators, and horrible policies implemented over time, the only way to remove bad credit is through legal challenges. For example, using, to your advantage, different laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the Service Members Civil Relief Act, among others and their State or local counter parts.  In other words, when it comes to bad credit, you are guilty until proven innocent.  That is, the negative information in your credit report is presumed to be correct and WILL be relied upon by lenders, no matter what… no matter if the account is yours, whether it’s accurate, etc.  It is YOUR burden to challenge such inaccurate information with the three major credit bureaus or the creditor directly (depending on the circumstances).

So, talk to me about “legal challenges” as it relates to how you remove bad credit.

Taking into consideration the numerous “credit repair” related laws, regulations, rules, bureaus procedures,  the quick answer is spend countless hours researching and drafting legal challenges that comply with these complex laws and hope for the best.  Even if done right, you are not guaranteed results, as the bureaus break the law all of the time and have been sued on numerous occasions. Below is an example case where the credit bureaus and creditors were sued.

How do you repair bad credit


 Is there a better way to repair bad credit?

Yes, you can hire a credit repair company.  You should realize two things:

  • How do you repair bad credit?
  • Ensure the credit repair company is highly rated, experienced, proven and legally compliant.
  • The time saving benefits of having a company work on your behalf for a small fee.
  • The broken system your up against.

For example, a U.S. Public Research Interest Group report stated “For far too long, the credit bureaus have acted as reckless gatekeepers to financial success – not only making too many mistakes that deny or raise the cost of credit – but making it nearly impossible for consumers to fix them.” So, having a company capable of navigating this nightmare-ish maze, with small fees, saving you time and properly using the laws in your favor.

In other words, if you want to know “how do you repair bad credit?”, the answer is hire Credit Correction.  With 20 years of experience, reasonable fees and the ability to successfully help repair your credit, you can’t go wrong.

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