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Top credit repair company… and what you need to know.

The term “top credit repair company” is searched nearly 200o times per month.  Let’s peal back the layer of the onion and discuss this option.

Who is the best or “top” credit repair company?

Who is the top credit repair company? Well, we are of course! I am sure you have heard that before. Rather than just bragging, let’s analyze the concept of “best” and allow you to make your own decision. Does great advertising make it a better repair company? Is larger always better? Is an automated or personal customer service that factors into that decision? Don’t listen to us or anyone else, listen to yourself.  Below is a guideline on what you need to kow to make that determination.

How is the “top” determined?

The term “top”  (that is, the top credit repair company) is determined by you the client. Cost, service and quality are all key decision factors when deciding on a credit repair company. A company that is affordable to you and includes all of the services that you are looking to retain. In addition a company that can give you quality results. This is different for each individual and what they are shopping for in a repair company.

Improper influence of the term “top” as it relates to credit repair companies.

An improper influence of the term “top” or “best” (as it relates to the top credit repair company) is the companies that pop up everywhere. These companies buy a bunch of domain names like “best credit repair dot com” and create fake testimonials for themselves.  For example, do you really believe this site? So, what you need to ask yourself is just because this company continues to pop up is it the best for ME?  Another term of “best” is “top customer service”. Well would you like to talk to a person or an automated machine?  Furthermore, companies that claim to be the largest are they really better than smaller businesses. Would you rather be a little fish in a big pond, or one of the big fish in the pond?

Who is the top credit repair company for you?

Each Individual credit scenario is different and will require different actions to be taken to attain your credit goal. Credit repair is not a one size fits all. Majority of credit repair companies will use the same technique for each customer and as a result this will not help all of their customers only a handful.

Let us show you how we are the top credit repair company?

Credit Correction, Inc. provides each client with a free credit analysis explaining the steps that need to be taken in order to repair their credit. This may include disputing negative items, adding positive credit and/or if a trade line can help you. We work with each individual without restricting them to one system. We take pride in our results for our clients.


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  1. You can definitely dsuipte on your own. Be sure to get copies of your reports, dsuipte in writing with the bureaus anything that is inaccurate and be sure to include proof of mailing address, proof of date of birth and proof of social security number with the dsuiptes. Failure to provide this information could cause a delay in getting a response.Be sure to make your dsuipte no longer than one page. Sometimes the bureaus may throw out the second page or the dsuipte altogether if it is longer than one page.When disputing, provide the item name, account number and a brief explanation as to why you are disputing the item.Not all credit restoration companies are scams. Yes, most are nowadays, but not all. Any company that makes promises of certain scores or a certain amount of deletions in a specific amount of time should be a cause for concern. However, if a company can provide averages of their results coupled with PROOF of their averages, usually they can be deemed a bit more legit than the others.Also if these companies are willing to review your reports, listen to your concerns and tell you honestly if they can help or not then they may not be a scam. Any company that tells you not to pay your bills is just plain wrong. Credit repair is about dealing with the bureaus to make sure they are reporting accurate and verifiable information, not about making the debt go away. Some companies do use more than letters on your behalf such as using attorneys to contact the bureaus and see if they can provide any assistance in getting answers that some consumers cannot.Keep in mind though that ultimately you can repair your own credit. It takes time and research but can be an invaluable experience.

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