My name is Frank Williams. I am the owner and President of Credit Correction, Inc., and I have been repairing credit since November 1993.  Yes, that’s more than 25 years of credit repair experience.  I graduated from Kansas State University in May 1992 with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. I was hired as a manufacturing engineer at Ford Motor Company.  I could have taken up a career along these lines, or stayed with Ford Motor Company for the long hall, but I chose to start my own company to help those who’ve fallen victim to this engineered game the credit bureaus play with us daily.  It is always my pleasure to assist my clients and help them achieve their credit goals and dreams.

How Credit Correction LLC got started and why it remains strong today.

During my college years, I made an irresponsible choice to purchase a Jeep Suzuki Samurai which I could ill afford and this purchase eventually led to repossession and bankruptcy. More embarrassing was the fact that my vehicle had been financed by Ford Motor Credit. Being an engineer at Ford, I was terrified my employers would find out about my Ford repo and I would be canned. I spotted a seedy little ad in a local newspaper called the thrifty nickel. It said “Repair your credit guaranteed and legal”. With a healthy dose of skepticism, I took a chance and plunked down my money. They did a great job! Eventually, I bought that company in November of 1993. I guess you could say,  I am the President and my own best client!

I eventually moved to Florida and I became Credit Correction, Inc. in 2006 and finally Credit Correction LLC. The rest is history.

25 plus years later I am still going strong, providing high quality credit repair with solid results.  Any client that hires Credit Correction LLC can expect to receive great results – quickly and at a fair price. Click here to sign up.

Documented history of Credit Correction LLC

Please enjoy a blast from the past. Click on the following links to view documents verifying my longevity in the credit repair industry.